How to Use Print Fctory

what is the best way to print your board game?

In fact, there are many classifications in the printing industry. Some printing houses focus on books, some packaging boxes, some cards, some gift boxes, etc. Different production focuses have different customized machines, well-trained workers, production lines, etc. In the board game industry, different printing components usually require different machines, materials and professional workers to ensure professional quality. If a certain printing house is not a professional game manufacturer, but says that they can smoothly produce printed items for all games within his website, that is usually incorrect. You should be careful when you go about it.

The following are a few common but important processes to ensure that you have no misunderstandings and good quality when working with the printing house:

1. Customer supplied print file should be at least 300 dpi,3-4mm bleed as described in. pdf or. ai format.

2. The designer of the factory reviews the document and then makes a draft (electronic proof) if there is no problem with the document.

3. If the draft is approved, the printing house should start making white samples and physical proofs to send to you to check the material, color and size, etc. Only after the customer confirms the white samples and proofs, the printing plant can start mass production.

4. Start mass production. During mass production, the customer will update the mass production status timely and truthfully. A large number of images and a large number of production samples will be provided in a timely manner to ensure that customers and factories are always consistent.

5. The printing factory will conduct its own inspection of the quality of each batch, and the batch product can only be delivered after the results pass their own inspection system or a third-party inspection system.