How to Work with Printing Fctory



 What is the best way to print your board game?




As a matter of fact, printing industry has many classification. Some printing factory a focus on book, some on packaging box, some on cards, some on gift box, etc. Different production focus has different custom-made machines, trained wrokers, and production lines, etc. In board and card game industry, different printing components normally require different machines ,material and professional workers, etc. to ensure professional quality. If some printing factory is not a professional game manufacturer but say they can smoothly produce all game's printing items inside his site, it's normally not  correct. You should be careful when your proceeding.

The below are several common but important processes to ensure no misunderstanding and good quality when your working with printing factory:

1. Clients provide with printing files which should be at least 300 dpi , 3-4 mm bleeds ,outlined in .pdf or .ai format .

2. The factory's designers review the files and then make drafts (electronic proofs) if there are no problems with the files .

3. If the drafts are approved, printing factory should start to make white sample and physical proofs to send you for checking material , color and size, etc. Only after confirmation of the white sample and proofs by clients, printing factory can start it's mass production.

4. Mass production begins . During mass production , clients will be updated timely and truely on mass production status . Mass images and mass production samples will be provided in time to ensure clients and the factory are always on the same page.

5. Printing factory would do own inspection for each batch mass and only after the result passed their own inspection system or 3rd party's can mass products be delivered.