Lijia Game Production, a leading manufacturer of tabletop games in P.R.China

has acquired Taixing Baobeila Children Production Co., Ltd.


Talking about the main reason of this company restructuring,Julia Wang CEO of Lijia Game Production said: “ We must restructure in order to meet increasing demand of custom-made tabletop game production, to better control production process and efficiently manage the quality and turnaround time of our game manufacturing. Preliminary achievements have been made in the adjustment through reform, reorganization and transformation.

Founded in 1992 in Taixing,China,Taixing Baobeila is a famous printing and packaging factory with good reputation in printing industry of China.Printing engineer Mr.Ding Qiang will still work as the director of printing and packaging site after this restructuring. Mr.Li will be still director of plastic injection site. 

Lijia Game Production is a part of Ningbo Lijia Industry Group. Under this restructuring, they have become one of premier Chinese full-service game product development and manufacturing company specializing in custom-made tabletop games and activity sets including board games, miniatures games, card games, and all accessories. 

Offering a wide range of game manufacturing services as per European and North American game product standard, Lijia Game now can manufacture approximately 10 million units games per year.” CEO Julia Wang remarked: “ With a workforce of 200 veteran workers, Lijia Game Production now occupies a 30,000 square meter modern facilities. The company will continually invest automation and equipments to ensure it stays at the leading edge of technology and manufacturing of toy and games. The company’s goal is to keep it’s top reputation in custom-made tabletop game manufacturing, and become one of the first-rate custom board game manufacturers in the world.


                                               Julia Wang

                                                                President & CEO



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Board Game Manufacturer Manufacturing - Lijia Game Production Acquires Taixing Baobeila Children Products

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