Lijia Game Production was continuedly approved by the ICTI

After ICTI's yearly audit procedure on site to Lijia Game. ICTI confirm that Lijia Game Productrion Co., Ltd. continuously implement a Code of Business Practices system which complies with the requirements of ICTI Code of Business Practices(2013 Version): Grade A.

Seal Number: C020269

At Jun. 21, 2016, Ms. Sherley, an auditor from qualified audit company UL assigned by ICTI visited Taixing Baobeila company to carry out their yearly audit. The board leader, CEO Julia accompanied Sherley to visit all facilities.  Auditors performed all on-site audit procedure in acecordance with ICP requirements in China.

As an important turnkey manufacturer in game industry in China, Lijia Game always support, abide by and join the ICTI CARE PROCESS, is committed to provide safe and fair working conditions all the time.


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All game components manufactured by Lijia Game Production passed SRS-044 blinding testing



Lijia Game Production was continuedly approved by the ICTI

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